Loving John-Roger Onward and Upward

I want us to consider the obvious — J-R has given us a great treasure, and that he’s gone into a consciousness which was already prepared and spoken to us long ago. Consider the fifty-plus years he was holding the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. Consider all that he spoke to us and, more importantly, showed us and demonstrated for us.

This church is following in John-Roger’s teachings. And I do consider that this day was obviously prophesized. We’re looking closely at some of what J-R said about this time, things that he said would take place after he moved into Spirit. So, in a sense, we’re checking up on ourselves and looking at what we’re following through upon.

My view is that everything that needed to be done has been done to prepare for this time. We’re picking up on what Jesus established. We’re processing in this place we call soul. That work is as active as ever. So any concern, whatever level you might have about that, just consider that the work is within as it’s always been.

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Leigh’s Interview with HuffingtonPost & Mentors Channel

Watch Leigh’s terrific interview on HuffingtonPost about the upcoming 21 Days of Meditation based on Arianna Huffington’s inspiring book, On Becoming Fearless. . . in Love, Work and Life.  Leigh shares about her love and devotion to meditation as a vital practice for health, well-being and spiritual growth.  Click here to view the interview. . .

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Leigh’s Ministry with Mentors Channel: “On Becoming Fearless”

Join Leigh as she narrates 21 days of guided meditations for the Mentors Channel presentation based on Arianna Huffington’s popular book “On Becoming Fearless. . .In Love, Work and Life.”  In these daily email messages starting March 31, 2014, Arianna  reads brief, inspiring passages from her book. Leigh then guides us through gentle, powerful meditations.  Each meditation serves to help us overcome our fears and blocks to our success as Leigh guides us to a greater experience of freedom, faith and trust in ourselves and the divine source within us.

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John Morton Visits the Boston Marathon Memorial

John Morton shared a personal message about his visit to the Boston Marathon Temporary Memorial today.  To read about the moments of sacred silence and to view photos John sent to the New Day Herald, click here .  .  .

Boston Marathon Temporary Memorial 4.22.2013

Lightwork Ministry in Boston

While visiting in the Boston area today preparing for upcoming MSIA & PTS Events, John Morton drove throughout the areas affected by the recent bombings during the Boston Marathon.  Along with his wife, fellow minister Leigh Taylor-Young Morton (via telephone from their home in Los Angeles), John placed Light Columns at the many barricades still surrounding the blast sites.  He visited local hotels where reporters and investigators are staying at this time, asking for Light for the highest good. John continued his Lightwork ministry throughout the morning and into the afternoon, driving through Boston and Watertown, placing the Light for healing, forgiveness, peace and loving kindness.

John & Leigh in Cape Cod 2009

John and Leigh send their love and light to all.

Baruch Bashan
(the blessings already are)

Blessing for Health, Wealth & Happiness from PTS “IHOP” Class

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Twice so far this year, John Morton visited the PTS Intention, Health, Openness & Prosperity (IHOP) weekend class. This wonderful class, facilitated by Paul Kaye, D.S.S., and President of MSIA, is being held once a month at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens and broadcast live On-Line.  Participants can also watch the On-Line Recordings after the classes are held.  Registration is still open for participating in IHOP classes.

During his visits to the class, John takes sharing from participants, both in the room and on-line via Skype.  In the first class in January, John offered an inspiring blessing for health, wealth and happiness.   View John’s blessing here. . .

Choose Wisely in Gratitude

John Morton with John-Roger

Everyone has a primary relationship inside that involves our integrity and being true to ourself, which includes God as the Creator of all even if people are unconscious and deny the divine nature.  The ground rules for all include taking care of yourself so you can help take care of others, and not hurting yourself and others.   Each person is directly responsible for self-care rather than someone else having the primary responsibility.   Obviously, when we are infants and growing up as children others play necessary and powerful roles.  As we mature, we gain the full opportunity to determine what is best and make the choices that create the results that come from those choices, again with new opportunities to learn and grow.

This is your personal level, what we call the 10%.  You have 100% responsibility and free choice for yourself.  With all choices, it’s best to choose wisely especially when those choices impact you powerfully with lasting results.  Be careful of wishful thinking that attempts to rationalize away what is your experience with hopeful fantasies of what could or should become.

There is no urgency in spirit and in living the truth that comes from God.  You can relax and be patient as you determine what is serving the best outcomes.   God blesses you regardless of your choices and what comes from your choices.  Your life is full of new opportunities to create all that fulfills you.   All experiences contribute to your learning and growth, some more than others, so you always have plenty of reason to be in gratitude for all you have been given.

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are
John Morton

Blessing for Healing

Leigh Taylor-Young & John Morton

Here is a healing to behold.  Take some time, five minutes is plenty, to visualize the tissues, the cells, the nerves and nerve centers, all illumined and fully revealed to your sight within. Invoke the anointing and blessing of Christ Jesus, the infinite mercy, the infinite power to renew, to restore, to be born anew. Behold this as best you can.  There is no need to tarry when you place this squarely upon your faith in God. Know that it is His will being done to use you as a co-creator.  And in this moment of surrender with God, see yourself acting entirely according to God’s will, which is full of life, full of joy, full of peace and good tidings. Let your cup of blessings be full and running over and over to all without need of measure.

Baruch Bashan

Join John as he facilitates the PTS workshop “Love Is In the Air” in London at www.msia.org/broadcasts