40th Anniversary of Prana – MSIA Headquarters

This Saturday, August, 9, 2014, John, Leigh and our ministry family will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Prana, the headquarters of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. Opened in 1974, Prana (Purple Rose Ashram of the New Age) was established as the primary home and anchor for the profound work and service of John-Roger, founder of MSIA.  Known today as Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, Prana is home to numerous MSIA students and hosts on-going classes, workshops, tours and events throughout the year.  Join us in-person or on-line for this special time of celebration, gratitude and loving!

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Soul Transcendence: The Glory of God Within

It is very rare that anyone is awakened enough to fully see their manifestation in the glory of God. The reality of God completely transcends that which can manifest in this world or any level below the Soul. Once anyone even glimpses the glory that is to be with God, that attainment becomes the magnificent obsession. The paradox is that the glory of God already fully exists as the Soul within each person. – John Morton

Read more from John in his new article on the New Day Herald, “You, the Traveler and Soul Transcendence.”

Ministering on the U.S. East Coast – April & May 2014

John travels to Boston for a Peacemaker Meeting then on to Washington, D.C., New York and Philadelphia for MSIA Seminars and Workshops.  Leigh and John facilitate the inspiring Spiritual Exercises Retreat in Connecticut, May 9 – 11, 2014.  Most events are available for viewing on-line.  Join us!

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John, Leigh & Easter Joy

Join John and Leigh for a beautiful Easter Weekend of spiritual awakening, friendship and renewal in the loving and forgiveness of the Christ.

Invitation to the Christ Within Workshop, facilitated by John and Leigh, Live and On-Line.  Registration required. For MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses subscribers. Friday & Saturday, April 18 & 19, 2014.

John Morton Seminar Webcast on Easter Eve.  Live and On-Line.  Open to Everyone. Saturday, April 19, 2014. 4:00pm PST.

Easter Sunday at the Beach.  Seminar with John Morton and lots of fun activities and treats for everyone at the beach in Santa Monica, California.  Live and On-Line.  Free and Open to Everyone. Sunday, April 20, 2014.  10:00am PST.

Worry, Be Gone!

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton & John Morton

John Morton presented an inspiring seminar on February 1, 2014 from Peace Labyrinth Awareness & Gardens about how we can let go of our worries and trust more fully in the ways and timing of Spirit. Over 100 folks attended the seminar in Los Angeles, and over 350 people tuned in on-line from around the world.  Watch John’s powerfully inspiring and profoundly helpful seminar by clicking here. . .

“Engage in the knowing that all is in God’s perfect order. All is taken care of in God’s light and love. Then you’ll realize, ‘Hey, things are okay. I don’t have to worry. I can move on, worry free.'”  – John Morton.  Read more — Moving On, Worry Free on the New Day Herald

Insight Seminars Fundraiser

Join John Morton as he shares a day of personal transformation to benefit Insight Seminars.  John, along with Michael Hayes, will be taking questions from participants in this intimate fundraiser in Santa Monica, California.  Starting at 11:00am on Saturday, February 8, 2014, and concluding with a gourmet dinner beginning at 7:00pm, the event is limited to 20 participants with a minimum donation of $1,500.   Learn more and sign up now by contacting Vanessa@insightseminars.org.

New Year’s Spiritual Resolutions

Join John Morton as he facilitates a New Year’s Resolution Spiritual Spa Day, offered Live from Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens and broadcast on-line, on Saturday, January 4, 2014 from 10am – 12:30pm PST.  Learn how the qualities of Commitment, Dedication, Devotion, Consecration and Celebration lead you to a greater experience of your relationship with God, your true Beloved, in your heart of hearts. Increase your awareness of yourself as a divine, spiritual being and carry that greater knowing into the New Year.

John & Leigh Serving at MSIA’s Conference of the Mystical Traveler

Leigh & John at the Institute for Individual & World Peace Gathering of Peacemakers


John and Leigh ministered in many ways during the week-long MSIA Conference of the Mystical Traveler.

View photos and video archives and read inspiring articles about all the goodness.

Leigh & John at the World Premiere of the Mystical Traveler Movie: The Life & Times of John-Roger

John Morton Visits the Boston Marathon Memorial

John Morton shared a personal message about his visit to the Boston Marathon Temporary Memorial today.  To read about the moments of sacred silence and to view photos John sent to the New Day Herald, click here .  .  .

Boston Marathon Temporary Memorial 4.22.2013

Lightwork Ministry in Boston

While visiting in the Boston area today preparing for upcoming MSIA & PTS Events, John Morton drove throughout the areas affected by the recent bombings during the Boston Marathon.  Along with his wife, fellow minister Leigh Taylor-Young Morton (via telephone from their home in Los Angeles), John placed Light Columns at the many barricades still surrounding the blast sites.  He visited local hotels where reporters and investigators are staying at this time, asking for Light for the highest good. John continued his Lightwork ministry throughout the morning and into the afternoon, driving through Boston and Watertown, placing the Light for healing, forgiveness, peace and loving kindness.

John & Leigh in Cape Cod 2009

John and Leigh send their love and light to all.

Baruch Bashan
(the blessings already are)