John Morton, D.S.S., President of John Morton Ministries

Founded in 1994, John Morton Ministries, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, provides services in the form of personal and organizational ministerial counseling, education, workshops, seminars, and presentation to individuals and groups seeking information and experiences related to spiritual awareness, individual and world peace, and charitable service to others.

John Morton Ministries supports charitable programs and events as an extension of the MSIA ministries of John Morton, President, and Leigh Taylor-Young, Vice President, as well as other ministers doing work in these charitable programs.

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young

  • We provide spiritual counseling, education and direction to individuals and groups.
  • We promote spiritual awareness, peace and service to others.
  • We support youth and children’s programs that teach spirit inspired leadership, empowerment and service to others.
  • We participate in conferences that promote spirituality, peace and community service. We support charitable causes and charitable acts of kindness.
For further information, please visit our website at www.johnmortonministries.org.

Recent Posts

Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth

NDH photo 7.2018“One of the aspects of claiming heaven on earth and that consciousness is you become the Light; you are the Light.”

– John Morton


I was listening recently to a seminar by John-Roger from 1970, and the words that he said at the very end were “We can have the kingdom of heaven right now.” Even though at that time he wasn’t saying, “Baruch Bashan” to complete the seminar — which simply means “The Blessings Already Are” — let’s consider that the kingdom of heaven is already here, and that is another way of saying “Baruch Bashan”, that we are in the kingdom of heaven. Read more . . .

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