Soul Transcendence: The Glory of God Within

It is very rare that anyone is awakened enough to fully see their manifestation in the glory of God. The reality of God completely transcends that which can manifest in this world or any level below the Soul. Once anyone even glimpses the glory that is to be with God, that attainment becomes the magnificent obsession. The paradox is that the glory of God already fully exists as the Soul within each person. – John Morton

Read more from John in his new article on the New Day Herald, “You, the Traveler and Soul Transcendence.”

One comment on “Soul Transcendence: The Glory of God Within

  1. Carol Barger on said:

    As I face today with a very long list of things I ‘need’ to accomplish, how heartening to be reminded that the glory of God
    is already present in me, no action required. My “to do” list is just stuff at the physical level, and I have a choice where
    I hold my focus. Heart full of graitude to you John for you ministry. Praise be to God!

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