Leigh’s Ministry with Mentors Channel: “On Becoming Fearless”

Join Leigh as she narrates 21 days of guided meditations for the Mentors Channel presentation based on Arianna Huffington’s popular book “On Becoming Fearless. . .In Love, Work and Life.”  In these daily email messages starting March 31, 2014, Arianna  reads brief, inspiring passages from her book. Leigh then guides us through gentle, powerful meditations.  Each meditation serves to help us overcome our fears and blocks to our success as Leigh guides us to a greater experience of freedom, faith and trust in ourselves and the divine source within us.

The Mentors Channel is offering a FREE subscription to receive these beautiful 8-10 minute daily meditations via email.To learn more, click here.  .   .

2 comments on “Leigh’s Ministry with Mentors Channel: “On Becoming Fearless”

  1. Dave Wright on said:

    Light and Love to you Leigh and Arianna in this endeavor and I’m looking forward to participating!
    God Bless

  2. Stephanie Kozak on said:

    Happily anticipating joining you …

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