Worry, Be Gone!

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton & John Morton

John Morton presented an inspiring seminar on February 1, 2014 from Peace Labyrinth Awareness & Gardens about how we can let go of our worries and trust more fully in the ways and timing of Spirit. Over 100 folks attended the seminar in Los Angeles, and over 350 people tuned in on-line from around the world.  Watch John’s powerfully inspiring and profoundly helpful seminar by clicking here. . .

“Engage in the knowing that all is in God’s perfect order. All is taken care of in God’s light and love. Then you’ll realize, ‘Hey, things are okay. I don’t have to worry. I can move on, worry free.'”  – John Morton.  Read more — Moving On, Worry Free on the New Day Herald

One comment on “Worry, Be Gone!

  1. Màdonna Smyth on said:

    thank you for this wonderful reminder. Love!!!!

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