Are You Choosing Happiness?

Are you happy? Did you know we all have a need for happiness? It’s one of the ten blessings John-Roger named – Loving, Caring, Sharing, Prosperity, Abundance, Riches, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Touching.  John-Roger said, “The quest for happiness is an eternal one, something that we all say and we all look for and yet it seems to be one of the most elusive qualities and commodities.”

Have you ever noticed that when you’d like to be happy, it seems to be a rare commodity? And if it’s available, it seems to be with other people or situations that you don’t seem to have access to?  That’s okay. The nature of the soul, of who we truly are, is happiness and joy. So consider this truth — Happiness is your true nature.  Read more here. . .

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