John Morton Interview & MSIA Seminar at Prana

Dianne Lawrence & John Morton at Prana

John was interviewed recently at Prana in Los Angeles by Dianne Lawrence of Neighborhood News.  Here’s an excerpt where John shares about the core teachings of John-Roger and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness:

We have what we call spiritual exercise.  That’s our core practice.  Others would probably consider “Well, that’s just meditation.”  We make sure people understand it is not passive; it’s active and dynamic.  It’s something we need to do with full consciousness, full awareness; be alert, be awake, and be ready.  Be ready for something powerful that can take place that can be alarming if we are not open.  We can have experiences that are unexplainable from a human standpoint, from a psychological standpoint, that are difficult to fully accept.  We do a lot to encourage people to be open, to be on your way with your own personal levels of experience.  Trust yourself.  Find your own strength and wisdom.

Watch the full interview with John here. . .

Watch John and the MSIA Seminar from Prana here. . .

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