Lightwork Ministry in Boston

While visiting in the Boston area today preparing for upcoming MSIA & PTS Events, John Morton drove throughout the areas affected by the recent bombings during the Boston Marathon.  Along with his wife, fellow minister Leigh Taylor-Young Morton (via telephone from their home in Los Angeles), John placed Light Columns at the many barricades still surrounding the blast sites.  He visited local hotels where reporters and investigators are staying at this time, asking for Light for the highest good. John continued his Lightwork ministry throughout the morning and into the afternoon, driving through Boston and Watertown, placing the Light for healing, forgiveness, peace and loving kindness.

John & Leigh in Cape Cod 2009

John and Leigh send their love and light to all.

Baruch Bashan
(the blessings already are)

2 comments on “Lightwork Ministry in Boston

  1. Dawn White on said:

    Awesomely beautiful, John & Leigh!! And power-full. I feel sooo honored to be part of MSIA, that we do such Good Works. Much Loving Light to All, and Bless the continued Light action for the Highest Good

  2. Marc Alhonte on said:

    Great news. Thank you John.

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