The Reason for the Season

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning early I am awake with the message of the Spirit to share with you.  This world has a myriad of ways to stir us in all of our dimensions.  Again, we can witness events and talk that appear troubling to comprehend and cause us to question why is this necessary with a loving God. There is always a reason to turn to the love and thankfulness for God.  So join me as you can in prayer and holding a consciousness of light and love.

In this season we are called upon to celebrate the birth of the divine into the flesh, a new year in the earth’s rotation and the end and beginning of great and not so great cycles in the cosmos.  We can behold the eternal nature of our Creator always present in our midst so that any earthly darkness, pain or suffering, can be answered in ever present comfort and joy, peace and harmony, healing and new beginnings.

Again, we are reminded that we all are visitors to this world and our time to pass will come.  Yet while we are here, the love of God is always with us and especially available when we are in need of greater understanding, greater strength, and the answers for each and every challenge any of us face.  Our God calls upon us always to seek His love first and demonstrate we are willing to keep our trust and faith until the answers that always come are revealed in loving, in mercy, in kindness and forgiveness.  With patience we can always find overflowing love in ourselves and express this divine love openly and fully into the world.

We are all brothers and sisters of the one God who is love.  We are to look upon strangers with this divine loving especially those who appear as enemies who have lost their way and are not expressing their divinity.  The loving of humanity may not be the news of the moment but it certainly is the opportunity in every moment.

Isn’t it interesting that a place of human sacrifice is called Newtown.  Sacrifice of this most precious life has come to far too many places in this world.  We need to realize that what needs to be sacrificed is any cause of againstness toward anyone or anything.  Our cause is to love one another and love God in all of His creation.  Let us pray for the Love of God to be more fully manifest for one another and for every situation occurring in the world. The simple message in every season is we are to love and be loved, most especially for the children.  We are all His loving children.  We are all His loving creation.

Come, let us adore Him and His love in our midst.  Behold, God’s blessings abound whenever we are caring and extending kindness as our response.  Now is an opportunity for more blessings than ever before simply because the reality is the good that can be made manifest is boundless.

I love and bless you all the more,
Johnny (a name J-R has often called me)

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  1. Dawn White on said:

    Thank you, John – you are the Blessings!! Loving Light

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