Giving Tuesday for Insight

Insight Seminars, a division of Insight University, is offering a special fundraising initiative to support youth who want to take the Teen Insight I seminar and require tuition assistance. Insight’s goal is to create a fund that ensures no teen will be denied the opportunity to realize his/her leadership potential through this transformational educational experience. 

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young at Insight Best of Super II Fundraiser, Ojai, California

Watch Leigh Taylor-Young share about Insight Seminars in the video
“Transformational Leadership”

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Give Thanks/Da la Gracias

Give thanks in this moment for all that God has provided to you and others. Remind yourself that you have been afforded great things, great protection, and great value in your life. Where you have miscreated, where you have misunderstood and gone astray, these are simply opportunities to remember yourself in God.

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Da las gracias en este momento por todo lo que Dios te ha dado a ti y a otros. Recuerda que se te han entregado grandes cosas, gran protección y grandes valores en tu vida. Donde has creado el mal, donde no has comprendido y te has alejado, éstas son oportunidades sencillas para recordarte en Dios.

Baruch Bashan
John Morton

You’re invited to the Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens in Los Angeles, California.  Open to all.

Blessing of Loving Consciousness/Bendición de Consciencia de Amor

Lord God, we ask that you visit each one of us intimately now, so that we can know you personally, that if we have placed any barriers and separation through our misdeeds, through our misunderstanding, through our forgetfulness, we ask that this be lifted at this time, that we embrace you fully and completely, that there is nothing that we would hide, that as you embrace us, we are cleansed, we are renewed and restored to the glory of God, by which we were made.

John Morton

And we ask for your spark that is the Divine to be ignited, so that we are a new Light, a new consciousness that sees the good in all things, and that as you have bestowed the spark of the Divine on us once again, so that we are a new Light, we carry forth a dedication to serve, that we go forth in the Light that is the loving consciousness toward all.

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are
Señor, Dios, te pedimos que nos visites a cada uno de nosotros íntimamente ahora, para que te conozcamos personalmente; si hemos creado cualquier barrera y separación con nuestros errores, con nuestros malos entendidos, con nuestros olvidos, te pedimos que los disuelvas en este momento, para que te recibamos total y completamente, que no haya nada que podamos esconder, que cuando nos recibas nos limpies, nos renueves y nos regreses a la gloria de Dios, por la cual fuimos hechos.

Y pedimos que esa chispa que es lo Divino se prenda, para que veamos que somos una nueva Luz, una nueva consciencia que ve el bien en todo, y que como nos has concedido la chispa de lo Divino una vez más, para que seamos una nueva Luz, sigamos adelante en la dedicación de servir, sigamos adelante en La Luz que es la consciencia de amor hacia todo.

Baruch Bashan – Las Bendiciones Ya Existen

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Earth Changes and Sending the Light

This is from a sharing with John Morton at the recent Living In Grace Retreat in Santiago, Chile:

John Morton Sharing at Living in Grace in Chile

Whenever there are earth changes, it’s wise to send Light wherever it is needed. Each of us has the Light. So we send it for the highest good of all concerned which is an attitude of great openness. The Light just needs the slightest invitation to go wherever it is invited.  Read more.  .  .