The Blessing of the Traveler

Dear Lord, for those of us who are willing, we find ourselves gathered with You again in that place in the Spirit where all souls gather, and that’s of all Your creation. It all comes into the Soul until we find the great Light. We feel, sense and consciously realize the great love, the great truth.

John Morton at Windermere Peace Ranch

We take a moment in this place where we are in this world, in our body, to let go and do this eternal exercise where we let go and give it up and surrender to You. You are the one we can trust completely, and yet You don’t demand it. You give us the choice. So when we’re ready to let go in our trust and to move across whatever faith is necessary, which we realize is in our own darkness where we have turned away.

We ask through the Traveler and the Christ and all the gifts in Spirit, that You reach into our consciousness loosening what is attached, bringing the Light into what has been the dark, where we have turned away in shame or fear. We take this moment again to extend throughout our existence that we are those who are walking in-step with the Traveler, claiming our liberation. We know we have been brought to this world for that purpose. We give thanks that we have chosen back, and in Your presence we are reminded it is done.

We rejoice that we are in this place where we must do each and every choice that remains. We ask for Your assistance to hold. We give thanks that we are shown the way again and again. You teach us it does not matter what has happened.

We let go, release, and trust. We embrace this new freedom. You remind us that the little things that are our concerns are indeed little because in the Spirit they have no real consequence. They are simply circumstantial, and we are to love each and every circumstance.

With our whole being, we receive Your strength, Your wisdom, and all the gifts that You bring to us. We rejoice again in the simplicity of our child-like nature, a pure nature that You brought us into this world to become. We forgive ourself for what we have forgotten, and we accept Your forgiveness all along the way that continually restores us and embraces us so we are healed. We are realigned. We are renewed.

We thank the Traveler, in particular our friend, John-Roger, and our friend, Jesus, and all those in this line who prepared the way and are still holding it open forever waiting so whenever we come, we are welcome.

Baruch Bashan
John Morton

One comment on “The Blessing of the Traveler

  1. Fina Garibay on said:

    Thank You John, I feel you are so close to us, protecting us, guiding us and showering us with blessings. God Bless you. I love you Fina

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