Choose Wisely in Gratitude

John Morton with John-Roger

Everyone has a primary relationship inside that involves our integrity and being true to ourself, which includes God as the Creator of all even if people are unconscious and deny the divine nature.  The ground rules for all include taking care of yourself so you can help take care of others, and not hurting yourself and others.   Each person is directly responsible for self-care rather than someone else having the primary responsibility.   Obviously, when we are infants and growing up as children others play necessary and powerful roles.  As we mature, we gain the full opportunity to determine what is best and make the choices that create the results that come from those choices, again with new opportunities to learn and grow.

This is your personal level, what we call the 10%.  You have 100% responsibility and free choice for yourself.  With all choices, it’s best to choose wisely especially when those choices impact you powerfully with lasting results.  Be careful of wishful thinking that attempts to rationalize away what is your experience with hopeful fantasies of what could or should become.

There is no urgency in spirit and in living the truth that comes from God.  You can relax and be patient as you determine what is serving the best outcomes.   God blesses you regardless of your choices and what comes from your choices.  Your life is full of new opportunities to create all that fulfills you.   All experiences contribute to your learning and growth, some more than others, so you always have plenty of reason to be in gratitude for all you have been given.

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are
John Morton

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