Blessing Ourselves/Bendición a Nosotros Mismos

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young at The Mystical Traveler: The Life & Times of John-Roger Sneak Preview in London


Dear God, beloved friend to us all, we ask for your blessing, that we are open to receive and we are open to give.
We restore the Spirit in each body, regenerating the consciousness of living love, so that each person is blessing himself or herself and all those around, so that each person in their own way awakens to the Light.
Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are


Querido Dios, amado amigo nuestro, te pedimos tu bendición, que estemos abiertos a recibir y estemos abiertos a dar.
Devolvemos el Espíritu a cada cuerpo, regenerando la consciencia del amor viviente, para que cada persona se bendiga a sí misma y a quienes le rodean; para que cada persona, a su propio modo, se despierte a La Luz.
Baruch Bashan – Las Bendiciones Ya Existen

John Morton
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2 comments on “Blessing Ourselves/Bendición a Nosotros Mismos

  1. Julie Allgood on said:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful, powerful, and simple blessing. What a perfect way to start my day, and continue on the journey of my life — more aware in appreciation of the give and take!

  2. Olguita Sapiains on said:

    gracias por esta poderosa bendición. Gracias por recordarme hacer esto. !

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