365 Days of Blessings Here and Now

As of today, John Morton Ministries has shared one of John Morton’s blessings every day for 365 days.  We have over 220 subscribers who receive a free Blessings Here and Now by email. Blessings are available in English and Spanish and will soon be available in French.

Here is today’s Blessings Here and Now from John:

Father-Mother God, we ask to know your presence inside of us now, that we become more conscious of your Light and your love surrounding, filling, and protecting each one of us, that we call ourselves forward, active in your purpose.
This is the Holy Spirit that awakens us now, a consciousness of your breath, that your thoughts, your emotions are what move us, are what we ask for and surrender to as a process of the Divine in each moment.
Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are
Padre-Madre Dios, te pedimos que nos demos cuenta en este momento de tu presencia en nosotros; que seamos más conscientes de tu Luz y tu amor rodeando, llenando y protegiendo a cada uno de nosotros; que nos hagamos presentes,
activos en tu propósito.
Este es El Espíritu Santo que nos despierta ahora, una consciencia de tu aliento, que tus pensamientos, tus emociones sean los que nos impulsan, sean lo que pedimos y a lo cual nos entregamos como un proceso de lo Divino en cada momento.
Baruch Bashan – Las Bendiciones Ya Existen

John Morton Sharing Blessings at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

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2 comments on “365 Days of Blessings Here and Now

  1. Dawn White on said:

    Congratulations! These Blessings are so divinely beautiful and uplifting! Much Love and Light

  2. Carol Beau on said:

    I love receiving the Blessings each day. They uplift me and help me start my day with purpose and loving. Thank you, John.

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