With So Much Negativity Around Us, How Can We Love It All?

Read John’s latest response to a question on the New Day Herald, “With So Much Negativity Around Me, How Can I Love It All?”

You have a wonderful opportunity to discover your trust in God and God’s trust in you. Consider that as you gain soul awareness and awakening, you come to your understanding of the divine nature in all of the creation including all that is involved in this world. Spiritual Exercise, involving your calling yourself forward into soul awareness, is an important key. You can request understanding and offer up your misunderstanding, whatever that may be, as your willingness to surrender with God, the God of all and your Creator. This can involve tremendous dedication and devotion in your willingness to simply present yourself unfettered of all judgment and prejudice.   Read more .  .  .

365 Days of Blessings Here and Now

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Here is today’s Blessings Here and Now from John:

Father-Mother God, we ask to know your presence inside of us now, that we become more conscious of your Light and your love surrounding, filling, and protecting each one of us, that we call ourselves forward, active in your purpose.
This is the Holy Spirit that awakens us now, a consciousness of your breath, that your thoughts, your emotions are what move us, are what we ask for and surrender to as a process of the Divine in each moment.
Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are
Padre-Madre Dios, te pedimos que nos demos cuenta en este momento de tu presencia en nosotros; que seamos más conscientes de tu Luz y tu amor rodeando, llenando y protegiendo a cada uno de nosotros; que nos hagamos presentes,
activos en tu propósito.
Este es El Espíritu Santo que nos despierta ahora, una consciencia de tu aliento, que tus pensamientos, tus emociones sean los que nos impulsan, sean lo que pedimos y a lo cual nos entregamos como un proceso de lo Divino en cada momento.
Baruch Bashan – Las Bendiciones Ya Existen

John Morton Sharing Blessings at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

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The Blessing of the Traveler

Dear Lord, for those of us who are willing, we find ourselves gathered with You again in that place in the Spirit where all souls gather, and that’s of all Your creation. It all comes into the Soul until we find the great Light. We feel, sense and consciously realize the great love, the great truth.

John Morton at Windermere Peace Ranch

We take a moment in this place where we are in this world, in our body, to let go and do this eternal exercise where we let go and give it up and surrender to You. You are the one we can trust completely, and yet You don’t demand it. You give us the choice. So when we’re ready to let go in our trust and to move across whatever faith is necessary, which we realize is in our own darkness where we have turned away.

We ask through the Traveler and the Christ and all the gifts in Spirit, that You reach into our consciousness loosening what is attached, bringing the Light into what has been the dark, where we have turned away in shame or fear. We take this moment again to extend throughout our existence that we are those who are walking in-step with the Traveler, claiming our liberation. We know we have been brought to this world for that purpose. We give thanks that we have chosen back, and in Your presence we are reminded it is done.

We rejoice that we are in this place where we must do each and every choice that remains. We ask for Your assistance to hold. We give thanks that we are shown the way again and again. You teach us it does not matter what has happened.

We let go, release, and trust. We embrace this new freedom. You remind us that the little things that are our concerns are indeed little because in the Spirit they have no real consequence. They are simply circumstantial, and we are to love each and every circumstance.

With our whole being, we receive Your strength, Your wisdom, and all the gifts that You bring to us. We rejoice again in the simplicity of our child-like nature, a pure nature that You brought us into this world to become. We forgive ourself for what we have forgotten, and we accept Your forgiveness all along the way that continually restores us and embraces us so we are healed. We are realigned. We are renewed.

We thank the Traveler, in particular our friend, John-Roger, and our friend, Jesus, and all those in this line who prepared the way and are still holding it open forever waiting so whenever we come, we are welcome.

Baruch Bashan
John Morton

Choose Wisely in Gratitude

John Morton with John-Roger

Everyone has a primary relationship inside that involves our integrity and being true to ourself, which includes God as the Creator of all even if people are unconscious and deny the divine nature.  The ground rules for all include taking care of yourself so you can help take care of others, and not hurting yourself and others.   Each person is directly responsible for self-care rather than someone else having the primary responsibility.   Obviously, when we are infants and growing up as children others play necessary and powerful roles.  As we mature, we gain the full opportunity to determine what is best and make the choices that create the results that come from those choices, again with new opportunities to learn and grow.

This is your personal level, what we call the 10%.  You have 100% responsibility and free choice for yourself.  With all choices, it’s best to choose wisely especially when those choices impact you powerfully with lasting results.  Be careful of wishful thinking that attempts to rationalize away what is your experience with hopeful fantasies of what could or should become.

There is no urgency in spirit and in living the truth that comes from God.  You can relax and be patient as you determine what is serving the best outcomes.   God blesses you regardless of your choices and what comes from your choices.  Your life is full of new opportunities to create all that fulfills you.   All experiences contribute to your learning and growth, some more than others, so you always have plenty of reason to be in gratitude for all you have been given.

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are
John Morton

Windermere Ranch Picnic – In-Person & On-Line

Join us at Windermere Ranch – A Place of Peace
Saturday, October 13, 2012
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A scrumptious BBQ
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Fun events for all ages
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Cost for in-person: $30 per person, $10 children under 16, Free for children 8 and under.
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John Morton plans to participate, health and schedule permitting.
John-Roger has been invited.

Pre-registration is required.
To register, email peace@iiwp.org or call Jacquelyn Rone at 323-737-4055.
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Blessing Ourselves/Bendición a Nosotros Mismos

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young at The Mystical Traveler: The Life & Times of John-Roger Sneak Preview in London


Dear God, beloved friend to us all, we ask for your blessing, that we are open to receive and we are open to give.
We restore the Spirit in each body, regenerating the consciousness of living love, so that each person is blessing himself or herself and all those around, so that each person in their own way awakens to the Light.
Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are


Querido Dios, amado amigo nuestro, te pedimos tu bendición, que estemos abiertos a recibir y estemos abiertos a dar.
Devolvemos el Espíritu a cada cuerpo, regenerando la consciencia del amor viviente, para que cada persona se bendiga a sí misma y a quienes le rodean; para que cada persona, a su propio modo, se despierte a La Luz.
Baruch Bashan – Las Bendiciones Ya Existen

John Morton
View a clip from “The Mystical Traveler: The Life & Times of John-Roger

Making Things Better

John Morton & Friends in Washington, D.C.

We all have a basic responsibility to make where we are better than we found it.This responsibility begins
with each person having responsibility to take care of themselves, doing the best we can with the situation and conditions present. We then can help make the situation and conditions for others better, and so the world becomes a better place even if it appears to not go beyond here and now. Ultimately, this is the
highest consciousness expressing into the world by serving all.
Read more about John’s ministry in Washington, D.C. here

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**“Introduction to the Christ Within” Open Workshop**
Friday, October 5, 7:00 – 9:00 PM EDT (4:00 – 6:00 PM PDT).
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***John Morton Shares Blessings of the Spiritual Heart***
MSIA Seminar from Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens
In-Person in Los Angeles and Live Online – in English & Spanish
Friday, October 19, 2012, 7:30 PM– 9:30 PM PDT
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***We Can Handle It – Live MSIA Webcast with John Morton***
Saturday, October 27, 10:30am – 12:00pm PDT
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