Blessing for Healing

Leigh Taylor-Young & John Morton

Here is a healing to behold.  Take some time, five minutes is plenty, to visualize the tissues, the cells, the nerves and nerve centers, all illumined and fully revealed to your sight within. Invoke the anointing and blessing of Christ Jesus, the infinite mercy, the infinite power to renew, to restore, to be born anew. Behold this as best you can.  There is no need to tarry when you place this squarely upon your faith in God. Know that it is His will being done to use you as a co-creator.  And in this moment of surrender with God, see yourself acting entirely according to God’s will, which is full of life, full of joy, full of peace and good tidings. Let your cup of blessings be full and running over and over to all without need of measure.

Baruch Bashan

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3 comments on “Blessing for Healing

  1. Thank you 😉

  2. Loma Davidson on said:

    What a great blessing. Thank you, John.

  3. I love this and will do this tonight. Thank you John XO and Blessings to you & Leigh

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