A Prayer for Peace, Compassion and Harmony

John Morton first shared this prayer shortly after the events of September 11, 2001. He offers it now as well:

At a time like this amidst all the horror and crisis, there is a great need for the calm, clear, merciful presence that is the divine nature. For many, the impact is so extreme that they are compelled to deal with the outer calamity.  For those of us at some distance whereupon we are left to observe and grasp for understanding and how to respond, let us first pray, and direct our inner resources in the Spirit to comfort and assist all those in need.  Let us call upon what is needed in the hearts and minds of all so that love, caring, and mercy can reign.  Let us look upon one another with compassion and strength of God’s will for direction in the necessary response and balancing action that must occur.  Let us respond such that what becomes is a world at peace in mutual harmony.  Let us hold for a new life on earth such that our differences are respected and we do love one another.

“Peace. Be still. Know that I am the Lord.” [from Psalm 46:10]

God bless us all.

John Morton at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens
Los Angeles, California

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