Traveler News from John Morton in Washington, D.C.

While on a train from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, John Morton shared this update . .

In D.C., a group of us visited the Senate Chaplain in his office with a high-up circular window overlooking the Capitol Mall and just down the hall from the Senate Chamber, not in session.  I did not go the next day when a similar group went on a tour of the State Department, including being escorted into Madame Hillary Clinton’s office with her personal effects strewn about.  The group was surprised by that opportunity.  They also circled up and chanted ani-hu with their two guides joining in.  Another MSIA coup, I say.

On that day, I chose to attempt to visit the National Headquarters of the Freemasons.  Those guys know how to seal up a building but good.  I loved the large brass 3-D bust rendering of George Washington.  Then I enjoyed a colorful lunch at the Old Ebbitt’s Grill, a couple of blocks from the White House.  Afterwards, I then circumnavigated, well, sort of since there are so many security barriers these days, my first trip to the National Cathedral with statues of George Washington and Abe Lincoln inside.

On Saturday evening, we held an open MSIA Seminar hosted by the D.C. MSIA community, which we broadcast live on-line. You can watch it by clicking here. . .

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