Always Blessings/Siempre Bendiciones

John Morton, D.S.S., Sharing at Insight Super II, Ojai, California

Often the blessings begin with learning what can change –
indeed, what needs to change for the better –
and calling for whatever can serve the blessings to become.
We can begin making better choices that contribute to the blessings.
So come into the awareness that God is always blessing you and all in creation.
A menudo las bendiciones comienzan por aprender lo que puede cambiar,
en verdad, lo que necesita cambiar para mejorar –
e invocar lo que pueda servir las bendiciones que han de llegar.
Podemos empezar a hacer mejores elecciones que contribuyan a las bendiciones.
Por ello, date cuenta que Dios siempre te está bendiciendo, así como a toda la creación.

John Morton, D.S.S.
de:Tú Eres las Bendiciones
From: You Are the Blessings

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What does it Mean to Come into Consensus?

John Morton, D.S.S., Spiritual Director of MSIA

Read the latest article on the New Day Herald from John Morton, D.S.S., Spiritual Director of MSIA:

Question: What does it mean to come into consensus?

Answer:  Consensus is an attitude that we take towards ourselves and towards others, which includes all aspects of life. It involves choosing the attitude to come into agreement and harmony.  Agreement isn’t always seeing things the same way as someone else. It’s the willingness to see things the way they are. That willingness helps create agreement.  Click here for more. . .

Traveler News from John Morton in Washington, D.C.

While on a train from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, John Morton shared this update . .

In D.C., a group of us visited the Senate Chaplain in his office with a high-up circular window overlooking the Capitol Mall and just down the hall from the Senate Chamber, not in session.  I did not go the next day when a similar group went on a tour of the State Department, including being escorted into Madame Hillary Clinton’s office with her personal effects strewn about.  The group was surprised by that opportunity.  They also circled up and chanted ani-hu with their two guides joining in.  Another MSIA coup, I say.

On that day, I chose to attempt to visit the National Headquarters of the Freemasons.  Those guys know how to seal up a building but good.  I loved the large brass 3-D bust rendering of George Washington.  Then I enjoyed a colorful lunch at the Old Ebbitt’s Grill, a couple of blocks from the White House.  Afterwards, I then circumnavigated, well, sort of since there are so many security barriers these days, my first trip to the National Cathedral with statues of George Washington and Abe Lincoln inside.

On Saturday evening, we held an open MSIA Seminar hosted by the D.C. MSIA community, which we broadcast live on-line. You can watch it by clicking here. . .

More Fun,

Bringing Light to the Capitol

We enjoyed a wonderful visit today with, Dr. Alan Kieran, the chaplain who was available when Senate Chaplain Black was not available for our group.  He ministered to about 30 of us, almost all of us MSIA ministers.  We shared his experience of listening to God, including the spiritual gifts of healing and sharing the messages that come from Spirit.  He shared several examples from intense situations as a chaplain in Iraq and his personal ministry with very poor people including lepers in India.  Dr. Kieran invited us to realize the power of the Lord Christ Jesus in our ministry, especially in these times when the negative power is “sifting” those who are serving spiritually.  He prayed over one of the ministers in our group as a demonstration of how to pray for the sick.

Angel Harper, MSIA Travel Coordinator, noted, “I loved the joy and enthusiasm that Dr. Kieran communicated and expressed as he shared with us!  He was very gracious too.”

Afterwards, some of us went into the Senate chamber, which was not in session, and placed the Light.

Baruch Bashan
John Morton

¡Vive México Divina!

A sneak preview of Leigh Taylor-Young’s upcoming article for the New Day Herald about her recent travels with John Morton in Mexico City:

It is a blessing to travel with the Traveler. In every way. I love the “getting ready,” the airports, even the Security where I often choose to practice some deep breathing and “I love this.”  I love the energy of being on the move and the sense that home is really everywhere. I do love a good business class seat and more in retrospect, I love the overcoming of my body’s argument when I have the occasional economy middle seat to Australia or Tanzania. The thrill is knowing this is all preparation for the Traveler coming to share the Living Spirit of Soul Transcendence with our Spiritual family. Amazing Grace, all of it. South America, the Americas, (southwest, east coast, northeast, northwest), Australia, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, England, France, Africa, and Mexico!

Mexico City was a divine surprise. A request from Paloma Abaunza and the Master’s Class in Mexico City came for the Traveler to come and share. Quickly Claudia Flores and her sister, Melissa, and their mother, Aurora generously stepped forward, offering to host John and myself in Mexico City. In every way they extended hospitality. The ideas began to flow for the Traveler’s participation, and soon included talk of a Fiesta for both the Insight and MSIA communities together, a sharing with the Master’s Class, a booksigning and talk with John for his books, The Blessings Already Are, and You are the Blessings, an open MSIA Seminar, and an intimate dinner with the local MSIA Mexican community, including Chihuahua. Angel Harper stepped in and became the masterful “dueña” of the trip, diligently and gracefully molding the ideas and colorful personalities into the golden chalice of practical manifestation. Celia Graham and Maryanne Sommerville were able to come for MSIA services. (I do believe by trip’s end, they did well over 60 plus services!)

Through another wave of the “Wand,” Claudia sponsored Julie Lurie to come and do all the MSIA events in live UStreaming. Roger Wakefield was now on board to oversee the NOW technology, and Ezra Mack volunteered to run the cameras. Spirit’s magic kept on spinning a spiral, manifesting everything in divine order for the coming of the Traveler.

We arrived around midnight on April 11th and were met by Claudia’s driver, Ricardo. I was excited to be in Mexico City and eager to talk to him. We could only keep smiling and nodding to each other as he spoke little English and I spoke little Spanish.  I was reminded of John-Roger’s sharing with us in the 1970’s that as Ministers of Light we might want to learn Spanish. It would be a powerful tool for service. I was now actively regretting my laziness. At the hotel around 1 a.m. stood Claudia Flores and Julie Lurie welcoming John and myself with smiles and hugs. What love. Our next Traveler adventure was now begun.

The next day we met Claudia and Aurora for lunch at a restaurant called Angelina. It was an old Hacienda in the tradition of the most gracious Mexican architecture. We were seated in a large open patio filled with trees and fountains, fragrant flowers and birds. The weather was sunny with a soft breeze, and we ate original Mexican food prepared without pork, onions or garlic. It was delicious (I did however pass on a special dish of delicate worms). John and Claudia went over all of the events to come, and soon we were on our way to the booksigning. Traffic in Mexico City makes Los Angeles traffic seem utterly cheerful.

The bookstore was called Café de la Mancha. The elegant woman owner greeted us and was delighted to meet John. His books were bountifully presented. Café de la Mancha was indeed a bookstore, but was designed to replicate the warmth of a private home, filled with shelves of books to buy, and delicious food. A wonderful inviting atmosphere. The large room set up for John’s talk was open, light-filled and already buzzing with the loving of the locals and excitement for their Traveler’s presence. Julie Lurie had been there well ahead of our arrival, and had technically prepared the room, on her own, for this live streaming event. All was in readiness. Ezra took the camera. Claudia introduced John, and John quickly and quietly filled the room with Presence.

I took in this moment, as what was transpiring here on this day in Mexico City, only a decade ago, might have seemed impossible. We were in Mexico, and the Traveler was also being experienced over the world in real time.

After the booksigning, our next stop was to visit with Melissa in her home. The highlight was observing all the children (Claudia’s and Melissa’s) gathering around John, looking up at him with love and so openly receiving his blessing upon their head. I felt the Christ presence with little children of light.

Now it was time for the Fiesta. A gathering of the Insight and MSIA communities joined together to celebrate sharing with the Traveler. We went to an elegant club “center” and entered a large white room exquisitely decorated for this occasion by Melissa. Hand woven fabrics from Oaxaca made into pillows were placed everywhere to add the riotous sanguine colors of Mexico. Again delicious Mexican food without pork, onion or garlic was presented in buffet, and most importantly “Love was in the Air” as the Traveler was in our midst. Mariachis entered and what an impression. It was the finest movie scene. Tall, handsome swashbuckling Mexican men in black, with silver buttons everywhere, sombreros and musical instruments, began singing. This is not quiet singing. This is loud, bold and joyous singing from every cell. Soon our locals lined up like carolers, and Claudia and Melissa led the charge with voices that seemed impossible to be coming from any one of them…from the gut, out front and significant. The energy of celebration and true Fiesta was at play. I now totally understood the word Fiesta. It is Joy. It is celebration and it is Mexican. When there was a lull, John spoke with profound inspiration for both communities to keep stepping up and owning the difference each is making with their loving and enduring. With his words, the energy would rise even more….soon I began to feel as if we were in our own “ark of Light” and not on the planet. I considered not only us, but all of Mexico was being infused with the Blessings of God.

The next evening was an open seminar with John in the Westin Hotel. Before the seminar were three ordinations and a baby blessing. Again Julie Lurie and Roger Wakefield had set up for live UStreaming with Ezra Mack on camera. After a few glitches when a passing waiter decided to turn off all the lights (the Traveler of course kept going), John asked Ezra to move the camera in a 360 degree turn to show the room and all present. Never having done this move, Ezra slowly turned the camera and at about 180 degrees he included a slow, full view of the top of his head, arms akimbo, as he tried to twist himself into the turn. There was a large screen in front of the room so we all got to enjoy the fun of Ezra’s debut on the “Silver Screen.” As the tech moments came into congruence, we were soon in the Presence. Forgiveness and letting go was moving divinely through each one of us, to the degree we would receive. I experienced a ruthless opportunity that right now is once again the moment to choose to let go of all againstness. As we held in the silence of John’s ending blessing, I was flush with gratitude to experience the anointing available for us all, for all in this land.

The next day Ricardo picked us up and took us to another part of the city for John’s sharing for the Masters Class. It was again in a lovely white room filled with light, and the locals from Mexico City and from Chihuahua. Gina Garibay was a perfect translator. I can only attest for myself that Jesus the Christ came fully present through the Traveler. The white of the room glowed with a soft and sacred light, time slowed and Presence blessed us in the quiet of pure love. We left them in Spirit’s embrace.

We joined Claudia, Aurora, Roger, Julie, Ezra and a close friend of Claudia’s, Eduardo, for a Mexican lunch….the energy of vibrancy is intrinsic within the culture, as a certain warm noise fills a room. It is the noise of family, friends and sharing. It is a very fulfilling noise of humanity genuinely liking each other. I felt completely at home and so welcomed, and soon I was also very full.






We returned to our hotel with just enough time to pack and be off again for another meal at the home of Maite, who is a fantastic cook and gave us all a home-cooked meal. This is another thing I appreciate …Mexico is not a culture of packaged food. They cook it from scratch. You can taste the love and caring in the food. I am not sure one would stay too svelte in Mexico, according to our vogue standards. Instead I see beautiful yummy women with hips and a self confidence in being natural. It goes with the same spirit of the Mariachi, succulent fruits, the color red, and family.

After Celia, Maryanne, Ezra and Roger joined us, John shared intimately with the local community and heard out their concerns and requests. They are deeply committed to the Traveler and adore MSIA, and to feel their hunger and appreciation for the webcasts and everything online they can get, was humbling. We are so blessed with our nearness to the heartbeat of MSIA here in Los Angeles. The communities ‘out there’ are passionately alive to the Traveler and demonstrate a devotion that is constant and potent. I committed myself to keeping our MSIA family, over the world, in my chalice. This final evening concluded in tender kisses and sweetness and gratitude. John and I hugged Claudia and spoke to her our heartfelt thank yous for being the loving and generous lightening rod to make it all happen.

We were up at 4 a.m., and Ricardo took us to the airport for our early flight to Denver for a DSS class sharing with John later that day in Boulder. We rode in the content silence of fulfillment as we watched Mexico City pass by our early morning sight, now more blessed by this beloved Traveler, and the Christ.

In all trips we take, my greatest joy is witnessing the love and eager gratitude for John’s coming to be amongst you. I am especially touched with what took place in Mexico. I would say to all, do not hesitate to ask from your Spirit, to put out the call for him to be with you. Spirit will handle the rest.

I love you all so dearly.

To view the broadcasts from Mexico City, click here . . .