Japan’s Serenade of Claire & Blessing of Peace and Joy

This Moment of Peace is one month after my daughter, Claire, was born. Her mother, Laura, flew to Tokyo from L.A. while John-Roger, myself and a small group came to Japan for a tour after an MSIA trip to South America and Australia.  We were touring these gardens when a group of girls became very interested in the very young baby I was holding and spontaneously began singing as you can see and hear.

Watch here: Moment of Peace and Song from Japan

Blessing of Peace and Joy
You Are the Blessings: Blessing IV, page 107

Let’s consider that each one of us has a blesser,
a messenger of the Divine,
that surrounds us and protects us and fills us through the Light, through the consciousness of love,
and takes care of what we need in every circumstance.
We ask to be open to that blessing of the Light, the love,
and what we know to be the vibration and Sound of God,
which fills us in harmony and balance, lifts us to greater peace,
and knows our purpose in wisdom.
Like children, our way is in joy,
that we would be pleasing and find what is pleasing
and that we would trust that whatever is in disturbance or pain can be lifted.
It can be healed and nurtured.
And we will find a day when all of us live in peace and joy
and are completely aware of the blessings of God.

Baruch Bashan

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