Blessings from Mexico City

It has been an amazing day here in Mexico City! John’s booksigning for his two books was seamless. The bookstore, Cafe de la Mancha, was beautiful, the room was full, and the energy of light and love was gorgeous. John’s talk before the signingabout “Blessings” was great. Julie Lurie’s work with streaming it live seemed perfect, and Ezra Mack was great on camera. I find all of this so exciting for MSIA — the technology and connection as it is going on.

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young in Mexico City

I love the people here! You can feel the eagerness and appreciation and heart. They are so appreciative and grateful that John came. It’s all so very moving. Three great women have helped put these events together — Aurora, Melissa and utterly Divine Claudia. Claudia is a powerhouse of heart, and John gently guided her into focus as she translated for him. It was adorable as she is so willing.

Mexican Fiesta for MSIA & Insight

The celebration tonight given by Claudia and Melissa and her mother included both MSIA folks and Insight folks. Between the beautiful place, the no onion or garlic delicious Mexican food, and a magnificent Mariachi band, love soared with happiness and spontaneous dancing. It was a “Soul Time,” everything our spiritual family is. John spoke twice, and it was very inspiring and empowering to the community. Maybe 80 people or more attended, and this is just the first day!

Thank you for sending your Light. I love you and am immensely grateful to be here.

Leigh Taylor-Young

View John’s “Blessings” talk before the booksigning here

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