Awakening to the Traveler/Despertar al Viajero

The Traveler knows how to do what it does perfectly because it’s been given that authority by God. So it’s really the authority of God, the ability of God, the knowledge of God that functions through the Traveler. That’s a big thing, and it is in everyone. It functions as a spiritual consciousness, and it works because you give it attention.

So the difference between you and another person can be the attention that you give to the Spirit. Still, even the most “despicable” person has a relationship to the Traveler because at some level they know they’re loved. The Traveler is in there waiting patiently as they go through their process of learning and discovering who they are at the extreme, including whatever is the negative condition.

John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young & Friends at a Peace Awareness Training, Lake Arrowhead, California

El Viajero sabe cómo hacer lo que hace perfectamente, porque Dios le ha dado esa autoridad. En realidad, se trata de la autoridad de Dios, la habilidad de Dios, el conocimiento de Dios que funciona mediante el Viajero. Es algo grande y está en todos. Funciona como una conciencia espiritual y funciona porque le prestas atención.

Entonces, la diferencia entre tí y otra persona puede ser la atención que tu prestes al Espíritu. Hasta la persona más “vil” tiene una relación con el Viajero, porque en algún nivel esa persona sabe que es amada. El Viajero se queda ahí, esperando pacientemente mientras la persona recorre su proceso de aprender y de descubrir quién es hasta el extremo, que incluye cualquier condición negativa.

– John Morton
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Find the Spirit/Encuentra al Espíritu

John Morton at the Wayshower Booksigning, Los Angeles, CA, March 2012

Find the Spirit in you and in all,
and choose into that
complete loving,
this day and every day.
Encuentra al Espíritu en tí y en todo
y elige ese amor completo,
en este día y todos los días.

– John Morton
From: “Choose You This Day

Watch the Wayshower Booksigning Event with John-Roger

Japan’s Serenade of Claire & Blessing of Peace and Joy

This Moment of Peace is one month after my daughter, Claire, was born. Her mother, Laura, flew to Tokyo from L.A. while John-Roger, myself and a small group came to Japan for a tour after an MSIA trip to South America and Australia.  We were touring these gardens when a group of girls became very interested in the very young baby I was holding and spontaneously began singing as you can see and hear.

Watch here: Moment of Peace and Song from Japan

Blessing of Peace and Joy
You Are the Blessings: Blessing IV, page 107

Let’s consider that each one of us has a blesser,
a messenger of the Divine,
that surrounds us and protects us and fills us through the Light, through the consciousness of love,
and takes care of what we need in every circumstance.
We ask to be open to that blessing of the Light, the love,
and what we know to be the vibration and Sound of God,
which fills us in harmony and balance, lifts us to greater peace,
and knows our purpose in wisdom.
Like children, our way is in joy,
that we would be pleasing and find what is pleasing
and that we would trust that whatever is in disturbance or pain can be lifted.
It can be healed and nurtured.
And we will find a day when all of us live in peace and joy
and are completely aware of the blessings of God.

Baruch Bashan

Doing Greater Good/El Hacer Bien Mayor

The Light translates very practically as doing good,
doing greater good,
finding what’s uplifting and getting involved in that,
and choosing away from the things that don’t work for you.

Just pay attention to what’s working, what’s serving,
and move your choices so the results and outcomes in your life
are constantly going towards greater good.

John Morton with John-Roger

La traducción muy práctica de la Luz es hacer el bien,
hacer el bien mayor,
descubrir lo que eleva e involucrarse en ello,
y no elegir las cosas que no van a funcionar para tí.

Presta atención a lo que funciona, lo que sirve,
y cambia tus elecciones para que los resultados
y las consecuencias en tu vida siempre apunten hacia el bien mayor.

– John Morton
(From: “Choose You This Day” on the NDH

Shining Light in Mexico City

John Morton MSIA Seminar & Booksigning in Mexico City, photo by Ezra Mack

In the Bible it says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

We are called upon to be open to doing God’s work as co-creators,
which can be humbling to acknowledge that we would be chosen for such an almighty purpose. Let this purpose therefore be simple that we may begin wherever we find ourselves.
Find the good.  Increase the good.
En la Biblia dice: “Deja que tu luz brille sobre los hombres,
de tal manera que puedan ver tus buenas obras
y que glorifiquen a tu Padre que está en el Cielo”
(Mateo: Capítulo 5, Versículo 16)

Se nos llama a estar abiertos a hacer el trabajo de Dios como sus co-creadores,
lo cual puede llenarnos de humildad al reconocer que hemos sido elegidos
para un propósito todo poderoso.
Por ello, deja que este propósito sea simple,
que podamos empezar adonde nos encontremos.
Encuentra el bien. Incrementa el bien.

John Morton

Watch John Morton’s MSIA Seminar from Mexico City

Blessings from Mexico City

It has been an amazing day here in Mexico City! John’s booksigning for his two books was seamless. The bookstore, Cafe de la Mancha, was beautiful, the room was full, and the energy of light and love was gorgeous. John’s talk before the signingabout “Blessings” was great. Julie Lurie’s work with streaming it live seemed perfect, and Ezra Mack was great on camera. I find all of this so exciting for MSIA — the technology and connection as it is going on.

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young in Mexico City

I love the people here! You can feel the eagerness and appreciation and heart. They are so appreciative and grateful that John came. It’s all so very moving. Three great women have helped put these events together — Aurora, Melissa and utterly Divine Claudia. Claudia is a powerhouse of heart, and John gently guided her into focus as she translated for him. It was adorable as she is so willing.

Mexican Fiesta for MSIA & Insight

The celebration tonight given by Claudia and Melissa and her mother included both MSIA folks and Insight folks. Between the beautiful place, the no onion or garlic delicious Mexican food, and a magnificent Mariachi band, love soared with happiness and spontaneous dancing. It was a “Soul Time,” everything our spiritual family is. John spoke twice, and it was very inspiring and empowering to the community. Maybe 80 people or more attended, and this is just the first day!

Thank you for sending your Light. I love you and am immensely grateful to be here.

Leigh Taylor-Young

View John’s “Blessings” talk before the booksigning here

Inner Peace/La Paz Interior

John Morton - Easter Eve Seminar, April 7, 2012, photo by David Sand

Rather than worrying about what people are doing
or why they are doing it,
have no interest in interpreting or comparing the actions of others.

“Why did they look at me this way?
Why did they say that certain thing?
Why didn’t they say a certain thing?”

Have no interest in those questions.
This is a sign of inner peace.
En lugar de preocuparte por lo que hacen otras personas
o por qué están haciéndolo,
no tengas ningún interés en interpretar o comparar las acciones de los demás.

¿Por qué me miraron de esa manera?
¿Por qué dijeron eso?
¿Por qué no me dijeron aquello otro?

No te preocupes por esas cosas.
Esto es una señal de la paz interior.

John Morton

View the Easter Eve Seminar

Blessing of Unity & Book Event in Mexico City with John Morton

Blessing of Unity

John Morton, D.S.S. at a Book Signing

Dear Lord, we ask for Your direct guidance at this time to unite us, to find each one of us, as we have come to You in this moment with our differences, with our individuality and traditions. We ask that You unite us by showing there is a truth that we can all see together.

We celebrate this truth. It shows us that we are all loved. We are all forgiven.

We all are brought together as a family, as a presence that is peaceful.

Where there is hunger we are fed, and where there is thirst we are quenched.
Whatever is needed, You provide.

When we consider what You would wish for us, You always show us that we would get along with one another, that we would love one another.

And You stand patiently waiting for us to find that way.

Bendición de Unidad

Querido Señor, ahora pedimos Tu guía directa. Que ella nos una para que nos encuentres a cada uno, tal como llegamos hasta Tí en este momento, con nuestras diferencias, nuestra individualidad y tradiciones. Te pedimos que nos unas, mostrándonos que hay una verdad que todos juntos, podemos contemplar.
Celebramos esta verdad. Nos muestra que se nos ama a todos. Que se nos perdona a todos. Que se nos reúne como a una familia, como una presencia pacífica.

Adonde hay hambre, se nos alimenta y cuando estamos sedientos, se nos sacia. Tú provees cualquier cosa que haga falta.

Cuando consideramos que querrías Tú para nosotros, Tú siempre nos muestras que sería que nos llevemos bien unos con otros, que nos amemos unos a otros.

Y Tú permaneces pacientemente de pie, esperando que encontremos ese camino.

Baruch Bashan

April 12, John Morton Booksigning in Mexico City
Firma de Libros con John Morton en Mexico City

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3pm to 5pm (PDT), 4pm-6pm (Mexico City)

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Money: A Reflection of Our Relationship with God

John Morton, D.S.S.

As money is a medium of exchange in our world today, I see it as a manifestation of what God is doing with each of us. Our relationship to money is then a reflection of our relationship to God. Right now, we can choose to be open to allowing ourselves to have a greater relationship with money just as we can choose in each moment to have an ever-greater relationship with God.  Click here to read more of John Morton’s article . . .