Leigh’s Interview with HuffingtonPost & Mentors Channel

Watch Leigh’s terrific interview on HuffingtonPost about the upcoming 21 Days of Meditation based on Arianna Huffington’s inspiring book, On Becoming Fearless. . . in Love, Work and Life.  Leigh shares about her love and devotion to meditation as a vital practice for health, well-being and spiritual growth.  Click here to view the interview. . .

To register for the FREE 21 Days of Meditation, with daily inspirational messages from Arianna followed by profound, comforting meditations guided by Leigh, click here. . .

Leigh’s Ministry with Mentors Channel: “On Becoming Fearless”

Join Leigh as she narrates 21 days of guided meditations for the Mentors Channel presentation based on Arianna Huffington’s popular book “On Becoming Fearless. . .In Love, Work and Life.”  In these daily email messages starting March 31, 2014, Arianna  reads brief, inspiring passages from her book. Leigh then guides us through gentle, powerful meditations.  Each meditation serves to help us overcome our fears and blocks to our success as Leigh guides us to a greater experience of freedom, faith and trust in ourselves and the divine source within us.

The Mentors Channel is offering a FREE subscription to receive these beautiful 8-10 minute daily meditations via email.To learn more, click here.  .   .

John, Leigh & Easter Joy

Join John and Leigh for a beautiful Easter Weekend of spiritual awakening, friendship and renewal in the loving and forgiveness of the Christ.

Invitation to the Christ Within Workshop, facilitated by John and Leigh, Live and On-Line.  Registration required. For MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses subscribers. Friday & Saturday, April 18 & 19, 2014.

John Morton Seminar Webcast on Easter Eve.  Live and On-Line.  Open to Everyone. Saturday, April 19, 2014. 4:00pm PST.

Easter Sunday at the Beach.  Seminar with John Morton and lots of fun activities and treats for everyone at the beach in Santa Monica, California.  Live and On-Line.  Free and Open to Everyone. Sunday, April 20, 2014.  10:00am PST.

Ministerial Adventures “Down Under”

Leigh & John

Join John and Leigh on-line as they travel throughout Australia, providing workshops in several communities “down under.” On February 25, 2014, John will facilitate the inspiring and practical PTS workshop, Exploring Spirit in Everyday Life. Learn more here. . .
Tune in for a precious Evening of Blessings with John on February 28, 2014. Learn more here. . .

Enjoy knowing and experiencing Not One Soul Will Be Lost, a founding principle of MSIA, and a powerful PTS Workshop with John on March 6, 2014. Learn more here . . .

Worry, Be Gone!

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton & John Morton

John Morton presented an inspiring seminar on February 1, 2014 from Peace Labyrinth Awareness & Gardens about how we can let go of our worries and trust more fully in the ways and timing of Spirit. Over 100 folks attended the seminar in Los Angeles, and over 350 people tuned in on-line from around the world.  Watch John’s powerfully inspiring and profoundly helpful seminar by clicking here. . .

“Engage in the knowing that all is in God’s perfect order. All is taken care of in God’s light and love. Then you’ll realize, ‘Hey, things are okay. I don’t have to worry. I can move on, worry free.’”  – John Morton.  Read more — Moving On, Worry Free on the New Day Herald

Insight Seminars Fundraiser

Join John Morton as he shares a day of personal transformation to benefit Insight Seminars.  John, along with Michael Hayes, will be taking questions from participants in this intimate fundraiser in Santa Monica, California.  Starting at 11:00am on Saturday, February 8, 2014, and concluding with a gourmet dinner beginning at 7:00pm, the event is limited to 20 participants with a minimum donation of $1,500.   Learn more and sign up now by contacting Vanessa@insightseminars.org.

New Year’s Spiritual Resolutions

Join John Morton as he facilitates a New Year’s Resolution Spiritual Spa Day, offered Live from Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens and broadcast on-line, on Saturday, January 4, 2014 from 10am – 12:30pm PST.  Learn how the qualities of Commitment, Dedication, Devotion, Consecration and Celebration lead you to a greater experience of your relationship with God, your true Beloved, in your heart of hearts. Increase your awareness of yourself as a divine, spiritual being and carry that greater knowing into the New Year.

Are You Choosing Happiness?

Are you happy? Did you know we all have a need for happiness? It’s one of the ten blessings John-Roger named – Loving, Caring, Sharing, Prosperity, Abundance, Riches, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Touching.  John-Roger said, “The quest for happiness is an eternal one, something that we all say and we all look for and yet it seems to be one of the most elusive qualities and commodities.”

Have you ever noticed that when you’d like to be happy, it seems to be a rare commodity? And if it’s available, it seems to be with other people or situations that you don’t seem to have access to?  That’s okay. The nature of the soul, of who we truly are, is happiness and joy. So consider this truth — Happiness is your true nature.  Read more here. . .

Peace Pole Planting & Celebration

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, Art Cisneros & John Morton

Watch John’s inspiring blessing for the planting of the new Peace Pole at Windermere Ranch, a place of peace in Santa Barbara, part of the Institute for Individual and World Peace founded by John-Roger.
Read more about the picnic celebration and John’s sharings with participants and enjoy the beautiful photographs, all on the New Day Herald.

Ministering in Europe

John and Leigh are traveling throughout Europe this month, ministering via workshops, Q&A sessions, volunteer meetings and a variety of events to share and support the teachings of MSIA and its beloved founder, John-Roger.  Watch recordings from these events and read about John’s ministry by visiting the New Day Herald on-line here.